What does “Dazud” mean?

We get this question quite often; DAZUD basically means “The South“, indicating Southern Africa, which inspired the creation of the company. The name is an amalgamation of many languages for such a short word, which also underlines the fact that we see ourselves as citizens of the world and are promoting solutions that will benefit all. “Sud” means “South” in many languages and we changed it to “Zud” to make it more funky and international. “da” on the other hand means “the” in Jamaican, “there” in Afrikaans “here” in German, or “yes” in Serbian… you take your pick.

What is with the bird in the logo?

The logo is the head of a secretary bird, which is a predatory bird common in South Africa, resembling our natural instincts and competitiveness which often drive us to do sport, but it is also often perceived as a wise bird, which represents our intelligence, reason and moral values, which inspire us not to just focus on ourselves and our own survival.

We think both the name and the logo represent well what we stand for and is hopefully easy to pronounce and remember. The Z is pronounced like the English “Zee” in Brazil.