Dazud in a nutshell

Dazud develops and manufactures high quality and environmentally friendly products for active and adventurous people who are conscientious at their core and not afraid to stand up and support social fairness and environmental causes.

To mirror our respect and enjoyment of the environment, DAZUD will mainly focus on cycling but will always look for opportunities to broaden our horizons and that of our customers.

We believe there are more people like us out there who are bored with most of the existing companies or brands which do not dare to make a controversial or polarizing statement. We want to fill this gap and start a sport brand which is not afraid to stand up for the things we believe in.

We are a fresh startup that will deliver sustainably produced sports products and related services through out-of-the-box creativity, while striving to adhere to the highest social fairness and environmental standards.

Still want more? Have a look at our vision or how it works.