Our Goal

Our goal is to provide bicycles to people in need. Bikes are a transportation but also a working medium.

  • A bike gets a child to school.
  • A bike can get a parent to work.
  • A bike helps a health care worker to a patient 5x faster.
  • A bike helps a farmer to carry 5x more produce to a market.

And we also would like to assist South Africans to start using bikes as an alternative means of transport, commuting is not having a traffic jam, flexibility, work-out, healthy and eco-friendly.

In brief the DAZUD Values are:

  • Job creation: Refurbishing the bicycles locally creates jobs in South Africa.
  • Sustainability: Refurbishing bikes is more sustainable than a handout of new bikes to people in need.
  • Less pollution: Cycling itself produces no carbon emissions and less materials are used to produced bicycles than cars.
  • Reduced traffic jams: Cycling results in fewer cars on the road.
  • Fewer parking areas: Bicycles take up less space.
  • Better physical health: Cycling is a very healthy form of exercise.
  • Improved mental health: Cycling provide a sense of freedom and closer connection to people and the surroundings.
  • Less crime: Studies in developing world indicate crime against cyclist is lower then motorists due to its more personal nature.
  • Conserve resources: Bicycles use considerably less natural resources such as oil.
  • Low cost transport: Bicycles (especially recycled ones) are much cheaper than cars.

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