Our team in South Africa has grown to 3 since we started a year ago. We have two technicians working permanently on the farm to repair the bikes and selling them the in local community, both of them grew up. We are very that both of them are the fruits of the Goedgedacht trust we collaborate with. The both attended school in local community while attending the youth program in the afternoons and then moved on to being volunteers in the center after finishing school, where they prepared their new responsibility as bicycle technicians.
Marcell Ceaser (middle, 21 years), the junior technician enjoys new challenges and although he really wants to be a traffic warden one day he really likes the new and excited challenges presented by the project. He is also still studying for admission to the course an in the meanwhile uses DAZUD to provide the financial means to pay for his exams and supporting him and his family. Secretly we are hoping he will eventually find his work with the bikes so fulfilling that he we would stay permanently. He admits, that the project has opened is eyes for the huge opportunity his finished bikes have on the lifestyle and mobility of the local community. Marcell is a very good rugby player and keen supported of the international team. He was delighted to see how much his fitness has improved since joining the project.
His assistant and long time school buddy, Renwill Jantjies (right, 20 years), who joined the project shortly after as an apprentice has similar aspirations and really loves the project since it gives him the opportunity help others and allow him to play football and afford to buy music which is favorite hobby next to football.
They are supported on weekends buy our senior technician, Fransie Steyn (center, 29), who was raised by his grand parents since he was online casino 5 in a neighboring town. He was forced to leave school at the age of 15 to support him and his grandmother and has since then taught himself various trades while working his way up from sweeping the floor in a technical company. Fransie has always loved bicycles and used to fix them when he was a kid, so for him working for Dazud on the weekends is almost like a dream come true and provides him with much needed additional financial support. His knowledge is invaluable to the project he realizes that at Dazud passion and hard work is more important that official qualifications, which can be limiting in the corporate environment. Fransie is a perfect example of what can be achieved when one puts their mind to it and we are proud to have him and give him the opportunity unfold his full potential. Fransie is responsible for the final touches, reassemble and quality control and is currently studying for his driver’s license to enable him to do our deliveries.

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